L4, L4X, row F2 . illuminator

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L4, L4X, row F2 . illuminator

The light is a great helper when you often go at night. Lighting aids bring certain utilities such as: support for more light, ask for directions, ... Please take a look at a new product at Hoang Tri Racing Shop - L4, L4X light assist, F2 - 20W.

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This type of lamp has a capacity of 20W, producing a brighter white light than a zin lamp, bringing convenience when traveling at night, especially on unlit roads. High beam light helps you to understand the current traffic situation to avoid unexpected incidents.

The design is similar to the L4, L4X, F1 light that the shop is selling, but these two types are completely different. You can go to the shop to test these 2 products to know more about the quality of the product. The L4 and L4X lamps of F1 - 20W are suitable as passing lights for those who are inclined to only attach passing to their pet drivers to ask for directions.

When you buy at Hoang Tri Racing Shop, you will be able to test the lights before installing them for your pet. Possible installation positions: glass legs, motorcycle front forks,...

If you need further advice please call: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25 . Let's take a look at pictures of L4 and L4X lights of F2 at Hoang Tri Racing Shop:

L4, L4X, row F2 . illuminator

L4, L4X, row F2 . illuminator

Full box of LED lights L4X F 20W

On hand, the product has the same design as the L4X lamp that the shop is providing

Đèn L4 F2 được gắn tại vị trí tay thắng cho xe Exciter 155

L4 F2 lamp is mounted at the position of the handbrake for the Exciter 155

Sản phẩm dùng để đá passing xin đường rất tiện lợi

The product is very convenient to use for passing stones

Anh khách còn trang bị nắp chụp đổi màu cho đèn L4 F2 này

The customer also equipped with a color changing cap for this L4 F2 lamp

2 quả đèn L4 F2 đã được lắp cho R15 V3

2 L4 F2 bulbs have been installed for R15 V3

test ánh sáng trước khi giao lại xế cưng

Test the light before handing over the car

Cận cảnh đèn trợ sáng L4 hàng F2 trên Ariblade 2010

Close-up of the L4 light in row F2 on Ariblade 2010

Lên 2 quả chuẩn ánh sáng cho xế cưng

Up 2 light standards for your car

Airblade 2010 lên đèn L4 - F2 tại vị trí phuộc trước

Airblade 2010 lights up L4 - F2 at the front fork position

Rất hợp với dáng của xe không rườm rà chiếm diện tích

Very suitable for the shape of the car without frills taking up space

Cho ánh sáng tuyệt hảo chinh phục bóng tối

Let the perfect light conquer the darkness

Axelo độ đèn L4X F trên chân kính

Axelo customizes L4X F light on tripod

Test ánh sáng của đèn L4X F sau khi độ lên Axelo

Test the light of the L4X F lamp after upgrading to Axelo

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