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L4 light level for Suzuki Raider

11/08/2017 212 đã xem

L4 lights are customized on Suzuki Raider

With the sporty design of the Suzuki Raider, the L4 lights are placed in a very appropriate position on the vehicle. For direct light to illuminate the night roads. L4 lamp gives extremely bright white light, comfortable for Biker brothers to go at night on dark roads.

Go to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to immediately attach L4 light to your Raider driver to have a new experience of light. In addition, the L4 lamp has an extremely durable life and is used with Led technology to increase its durability.

See pictures of L4 lights on Raider at Hoang Tri Shop:

L4 light has been mounted on Suzuki Raider

Test the direct brightness of the L4 lamp on the Radier

The light emitted is wide and far away to help the Biker ride comfortably at night

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