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Lead chrome footrest 125

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Lead 2013 chrome plated footrest 

Product code : LD-27 .


Lead 2013 footrest mat  is designed with high-quality plastic material with beautiful decorative features to make your car even more luxurious with a chrome-plated coating on the surface of the product. If you have ever known chrome-plated products with extremely beautiful shine, this time the designer will surprise you with a chrome-plated coating that gives the product a luxurious color. important and not easily visible scratches due to frequent contact with your shoes on the carpet. 

The inside of the mat is equipped with anti-slip rubber to help you keep your feet comfortable and non-slip when traveling in the rain. In addition to the beautiful decoration feature, the accessory manufacturer also equips the product with 4 screw holes corresponding to the screw holes available on the car to help the product be kept firmly on the floor without worrying about being damaged. theft when you park your car in a public place such as a company car park, supermarket parking lot, apartment building......

 Note:  Patterns and textures may change over time because the manufacturer changes the model. Customers ordering online, please understand this unexpected change in model. Thanks


 The image after installing the chrome-plated footrest on the Lead 125 car.


Looking directly at the carpet after installing it on the car is very beautiful and luxurious.


Note:   Some Websites post the same image as the model in this picture or do not sell this product and set the price lower than the price of Hoang Tri stainless steel store for the purpose of price competition to attract customers to the store. but when you go to that store and the customer wants to install this type, they say it's out of stock or ask you to install another one. When you have a need to install decorative parts for your car, please suggest to see the goods first and have to have the right goods at the right price posted on the price list before deciding to install that product for your beloved car. 

Hoang Tri is pleased to serve you.

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