LED lights audi Wave Blade

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LED lights audi Wave Blade

Wave Blade car is known for a long time and is owned by many people. The audi led lights are enjoyed by many car enthusiasts with outstanding and beautiful colors on other cars such as: Exciter, Winner, Wave, Airblade,... Today, on Wave Blade, Hoang Tri Racing Shop introduces led version of the audi Wave Blade .

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You like the light of the street lights at night. If you own a sporty Wave Blade car, you probably won't be able to ignore a toy that promises to bring sophistication and color like the Audi Wave Blade led light .

If you follow the website Hoang Tri Racing Shop, then surely you are not too unfamiliar with the led audi Wave. With the fine tuning of textures and colors of the audi led lights, it brings a whole new look to your pet's car.

The Wave Blade audi led light is made similar to the Wave car audi led with 2 modes ready when you "order":

+ Demi mode: When demi, the audi led light is bright and prominent blue

+ Turn signal mode: When there is a signal, the green color flashes and the color of the light changes to a more prominent yellow.

See more pictures and video clips of the led audi Wave Blade :

Please watch the video clip to see more clearly the effect of the lights

The car turns on the turn signal and the light is changed to yellow

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