Lock disc Nozza Grande, Latte 2019 - Anti-theft lock

11/08/2017 57 đã xem

Front disc lock Nozza Grande  ( Nozza 2014 ) has an anti-theft feature, disabling the thief's act of unlocking the car and making it impossible to drive, while protecting the oil shackles (front disc brake shackles) on your car. You don't get stolen quickly when you leave your car out of sight.


Nozza Grande front disc lock prevents traction and protects oil pigs.

The Nozza Grande front disc lock is fixed to your vehicle in the front fork position. Keeping your car safe no matter where you go, you will feel more secure thanks to the feature of a disc lock designed with hard reinforcement that is inserted across the front disc brake to prevent the wheels from turning. .

And so even if a thief can crack the main switch on your car, it will not be possible to control the car because you have already equipped your car with a very useful and convenient anti-theft lock set. You can easily protect your assets from being lost to professional car thefts that are happening frequently.

Sets course for car theft Nozza Grande imported from Taiwan branded Z-con and a lot of customers who choose to equip their drivers love to avoid car theft.


The image of the front disc lock has been installed on the Nozza Grande


Close-up of the front disc lock Nozza Grande has been installed on the car 

Front disc lock Yamaha Latte 2019 brand Z-Con

Standard mounting products for Yamaha Latte 2019

The product is successfully equipped on the car, helping to prevent theft and cut oil

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