Mica side skirts fitted with Suzuki Satria

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Mica side skirts fitted with Suzuki Satria

Suzuki Satria ribs are made of transparent mica material so you can see the parts inside the engine block. The level of Satria mica side panels helps to keep your car safe from stains that go deep into the engine block for a long time, leading to rust, scratches, and loss of aesthetics.

The durable and transparent product can withstand foreign objects splashing in to protect your engine block and always avoid unfortunate collisions that may scratch the engine block and make your car unsightly. The product is designed with the words "Suzuki Satria F150" right in the center of  the Suzuki Satria side skirt .

This  Satria car toy  has 2 parts:   Left and right Satria side skirts . Comprehensive protection for the engine block of the Satria. Installation is extremely easy by removing the engine block nut and tightening the screw to fix the product on the vehicle. The product is standardly installed without making porridge, so customers who are far away can buy it and install it for their pet car.

You can find many  Satria car toys  at Hoang Tri Racing Shop:

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One more Suzuki Satria with mica side panels installed

One more Suzuki Satria with mica side panels installed

Bạn có thể thấy bên trong xe được sạch sẽ và an toàn

You can see the inside of the car is clean and safe

Cận cảnh ốp sườn Satria được làm từ mica trong suốt

Close-up of Satria ribs made from transparent mica

Có dòng chữ Suzuki Satria F150 in trên nền sản phẩm

There are words Suzuki Satria F150 printed on the product background

Toàn cảnh xe được bảo vệ an toàn sau khi lắp ốp sườn mica

The whole car is safely protected after installing mica side panels

Với chi phí phù hợp có thể bảo vệ xế cưng của bạn khỏi sình lầy

With a reasonable cost, you can protect your pet from the mud

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