Mobin's RedLeo Fi

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Mobin's RedLeo Fi

Mobin rib is a pretty important part while you intend to customize the car's ignition system. Mobin ribs have a lot of effect on the power of the car, this can be verified when you change the mobin ribs for the car. So what function does mobin's ribs have that can do so?

The effect of equipping Mobin's ribs is to increase the ability of strong and even ignition. The excess fuel can be fully utilized to help save fuel. That helps the car to load more, accelerate and withdraw at the end station better. For electronic fuel injection vehicles, Mobin's RedLeo Fi is a necessary choice.

Mobin's Redleo Fi is suitable for vehicles with electronic fuel injection (Fi) systems and is not suitable for vehicles using mechanical gasoline. So you need to use the right type of mobin ribs to promote the effect. Can be installed for all models using Fi fuel injection (except Piaggio series).

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Mobin's REDLEO Fi works:

 Help strong ignition, clean excess fuel

 Help the car run faster, upgrade the fire system to be stronger than the zin car

 More stable in operation.

Used for vehicles with electronic fuel injection system

Used for vehicles with electronic fuel injection system

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