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Nissin-style disc with aluminum cage size 220mm

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Nissin-style disc with aluminum cage size 220mm

If you are equipped with Nissin oil pigs, you cannot ignore the 220mm aluminum cage nissin disc. Hoang Tri Racing Shop has just paired Nissin-style discs to meet the needs of customers who want to add more discs to create the perfect Nissin duo. Refer to the disc details, disc parameters below and don't forget to add it to your cart!

Recommended to buy together: Nissin K4800 oil pig (black) - Nissin K4700 oil pig (white color)

Nissin-style discs are made of sturdy alloy material with a grayish-white outer edge and slanted longitudinal lines that evenly spread the rim. The inside is made from strong and sturdy aluminum that can withstand great forces, connected to the outer disc rim by red screws that look outstanding and attractive. Above all, the Nissin-style aluminum-cage disc with 220mm disc size looks bigger and more aggressive than the zin discs of some vehicles.

A special attraction of the Nissin-style disc is that it can be installed for many different vehicle models with extremely mobile installation positions. Can be installed for vehicles: Airblade, Vario 2015-2018 (125cc), Vision, SH Mode . For Airblade 2020 models with ABS, Vario 150cc, and PCX 2018 versions, this disc cannot be installed . The trick to make Nissin-style discs more beautiful is that you should use screws instead of screws on the car to create accents for your car.

Don't forget to order more Nissin oil pigs model K4800 or K4700 to be able to own the very beautiful Nissin brand duo! Products are currently available at Hoang Tri Shop and waiting for you to come and install them for your pet. Or you can order online, we support nationwide shipping by convenient COD service.

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A close-up of Nissin-style discs of size 220mm is available at Hoang Tri Shop

A close-up of Nissin-style discs of size 220mm is available at Hoang Tri Shop

The disc has a large size and is suitable for many different car models

The disc has a large size and is suitable for many different car models

Trên tay đĩa kiểu Nissin với các ốc kiểu đẹp mắt

On the hand of the Nissin style plate with beautiful style screws

Thêm một chiếc Vario 2018 lắp đĩa kiểu Nissin lồng nhôm

Another 2018 Vario with Nissin-style discs with aluminum cage

Size 220mm làm cho xế cưng trở nên nổi bật hơn

Size 220mm makes your car stand out more

Được trang trí bằng các ốc kiểu đầy màu sắc thu hút ánh nhìn

Decorated with eye-catching colorful style screws

Xế cưng sau khi trang bị đĩa Nissin và ốc kiểu tại Hoàng Trí Shop

Pet car after equipping Nissin plate and style snail at Hoang Tri Shop

Đĩa kiểu nissin lồng nhôm với ốc kiểu màu xanh dương

Aluminum cage nissin disc with blue screw

Chiếc Vario 2018 cũng vừa lên đĩa kiểu Nissin 220mm

The Vario 2018 has also been released on a Nissin 220mm disc

Toàn cảnh xế cưng lên bộ đồ chơi xe Vario 2018 tại Hoàng Trí Shop

Overview of the pet car on the Vario 2018 toy car set at Hoang Tri Shop

Airblade 2016 vừa trang bị đĩa kiểu Nissin lồng nhôm

Airblade 2016 has just equipped with aluminum cage Nissin discs

Lắp cùng với phuộc Asiro đẳng cấp

Fitted with high-class Asiro forks

Đĩa kiểu Nissin kết hợp cùng heo dầu Nissin K4800 trên Airblade 2016

Nissin style disc combined with Nissin K4800 oil pig on Airblade 2016

Trọn bộ đôi thương hiệu nissin cực chất trên xe

A full set of super cool nissin brands on the car

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