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Nitron fork for Sirius, Sirius Fi

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Nitron fork for Sirius, Sirius Fi

Another new choice for Sirius and Sirius Fi owners when they have a need to change the fork for their pet is the Nitron-style fork with standard installation for both the old Sirius and the fuel-injected Sirius Fi. electronic. Be the first to experience the new product that arrives at Hoang Tri Shop right away!

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Nitron-style forks are available exclusively for Sirius:

Many customers ask the shop when there will be a Nitron-style fork with Sirius so that they can order online and install it for their pet. Until today, the shop can only meet the expectations of customers. The Nitron-style fork with Sirius this time is completely installed as standard, no need to make porridge, cut plastic to be able to install it for your pet. The product is suitable for customers who come to install in the shop as well as customers who order online.

When to replace the zin fork with a Nitron-style fork:

+ The car staggers when traveling on bumpy roads, unsteady on the steering wheel.

+ The fork squeaks, creating an uncomfortable feeling for the car owner.

+ The fork is viscous, soy sauce is unsightly and no longer works as well as before.

+ Fork is deformed, damage is visible from the outside.

The Sirius and Sirius Fi zin-mounted Nitron forks are designed with large black springs and the Nitron logo at the top is easily recognizable. With the Nitron fork, you will have a completely different experience than the zin fork, safer to use than damaged forks. Order right at the website as well as touch and see in person at one of the shop's 2 branches.

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Close-up of Nitron fork for Sirius, Sirius Fi

Close-up of Nitron fork for Sirius, Sirius Fi

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