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Nouvo LX car lights - Eye Lights

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Nouvo LX car lights - Eye Lights

Which Nouvo LX car lights are beautiful? Having the answer right away and always for you is the squint eye light for Nouvo LX. With a unique lamp model, it can help you stand out when on the road by the light of the ball lamp on the owl's eyes and the enchanting beauty of the crossed eyes on your own car.

Nouvo LX car lights - Beautiful and unique Owl Eye Lights . That's what customers see when they see this line of slanted eye lights on the customer's car at Hoang Tri Racing Shop . But, to have an elaborate product takes time to complete. Construction completion time is about 1-2 days and is installed, directly from the headlights of the car.

About the device you can completely change the position of the spherical mirror lights. You can place it on the left or right side of the vehicle's headlight assembly. In addition, the color of Led Audi can also change colors easily and you can choose the number of circles on the left (as shown) of the luminaire (can be added or removed) and not only that You can choose one of two main types of lights, Luxenon and Oblock.

Note: if you have a change in the number of lights on the car, it may change the price of the Nouvo LX eye light .

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Close-up of Nouvo LX car lights - Eye Lights

Close-up of Nouvo LX car lights - Eye Lights

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