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Nouvo LX-Baga decorative parts plastic

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Plastic baga Nouvo LX

Plastic baga Nouvo LX

Product code: SX_49



Baga  is designed with hard plastic that is very sturdy and safe, good bearing capacity to help you leave the necessary items when traveling on the road. In addition to that useful feature, plastic baga can also be considered as a beautiful decorative accessory and is suitable for customers who do not like to install stainless steel baga. The product is also equipped with a very strong clip that allows you to clip many other things such as newspapers, notebooks or water bottles ....... Very convenient and useful for you when choosing this product. installed for the car. Can be fitted to Nouvo LX and Nouvo SX.


Plastic baga for Nouvo SX carPlastic baga has been installed on the car 


Price list of stainless steel accessories for Nouvo LX car decoration


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