NVX 2017 automatic footrest

11/08/2017 71 đã xem

Turn on the automatic footrest NVX 2017

+ Do you already own a Yamaha NVX 2017?

+ You want your car to have something special?

+ Do you love futuristic movies - fully automatic devices?

+ Perhaps Hoang Tri Racing Shop will help you with this problem. Turning on the automatic footrest for NVX 2017 is a new utility that Hoang Tri employees always aim for convenience for riders.

+ With a low cost, you can completely own this convenient feature. Call now 0909 5030 25 to order.

Video clip so you can better understand the automatic footrest for NVX 2017:

Turn on the 2 mat footrest for a package price of 1,600,000 (not including the switch)

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