NVX 3-stripe lights cluster JPA

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NVX 3-stripe lights cluster JPA

With the original NVX front turn signals, we only see a beam and become less prominent when we turn on the turn signals. Therefore, the solution to replace an NVX front turn signal light is necessary. You can refer to the NVX 3-striped JPA lamp cluster.

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The 3-striped NVX turn signal lamp cluster is true to its name, the 3-stripe structure inside the lamp with 3 led lights for more light, brighter and brighter than the zin lamp, bringing the highlight when the turn signal is also turned on. . In addition, this is also an NVX car toy to decorate the car more beautifully.

With 3 colors for you to choose such as: red, white, black, you can combine with many different car colors without fear of different tones. Not only when the turn signal blinks, but with this 3-stripe NVX turn signal, the color change effect can be changed from white to yellow to make it easier to ask for directions when attracting the attention of road users. pine.

The product replaces the NVX zin turn signal light on the car and is easy to install, the installation time is quick, no porridge, brothers and sisters who are far away can buy and install for their own car.

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3-stripes NVX front turn signals with 3 colors for your choice

3-stripes NVX front turn signals with 3 colors for your choice

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