NVX . Fog Lamp Cover

11/08/2017 64 đã xem

NVX 2017 Fog Lamp Cover

Favored and chosen by customers near and far with the NVX rear turn signal light cover , Hoang Tri Racing Shop has launched an additional light cover that is the fog light cover of the NVX 2017.

The light cover makes the car more prominent and thanks to the reflection of the light, the car is a bit more prominent when installing the fog light cover of the NVX 2017 .

Call the hotline of Hoang Tri Racing Shop right away to get yourself a NVX 2017 fog light cover : 0909 5030 25 (Hoang Tri Racing Shop).

Pictures of NVX 2017 fog lights :

fog light cover neatly mounted on NVX 2017

Fog light covers make the car stand out more

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