NVX . vehicle's birth LED lights

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NVX car birth LED lights - break the way but stylish

NVX turn signals are not vivid, make you lose confidence and do not confirm your Biker style? Hoang Tri Racing Shop introduces you to a toy that can make your turn signals no longer boring. Led turn signal light mounted zin for NVX 2017 driver .

With full color: green, blue, red, orange. Can help you express your style depending on the color you install for your car.

LED turn signals on the 2017 NVX are sold in pairs. Easy to install, just remove the zin lamp and install the led light bulb of Hoang Tri Racing Shop and everything is ready.

In addition, when turning on the turn signal, the light has a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing flashing effect.

Clips and pictures of NVX 2017 turn signals :

Clip of actual images of the NVX 2017 birth led lights

NVX 2017 led lights combine with L4 lights to provide more light

Close-up of NVX 2017 LED turn signal lights (blue ball)

Overview of NVX 2017 LED turn signals and some NVX car toys

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