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Oblock light for NVX 155cc

11/08/2017 106 đã xem

Oblock light level for NVX 155cc - quality like the earth

Lights are always an extremely important and beautiful car toy at night and no motorcyclist will ignore this car toy set. The NVX with the turn signal light design below is hard to see, so it is reasonable to change the turn signals and fog lights and Hoang Tri Racing Shop has added 18 Oblock lights to the turn signals of the NVX driver, which are very beautiful and bright.

Details of this 155cc NVX driver have a total of 18 Oblock balls:

+ Each side is 9 Oblock bulbs

+ Be adjusted to the position on both sides of the turn signal lights of NVX

+ This car has exchanged turn signals with fog lights

Let's take a look at the pictures of this lovely car:

Completed the work of 18 OBlock lights on NVX . turn signals

9 Oblock bulbs provide strong light

Test the brightness of the Oblock lamp

Installed on the car and have a full view of the car

9 Oblock lights on the left steady state - bright

9 Oblock lights on the right - beautiful numbers in folklore.

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