Ohlins oil tank fork, Nitron F 360 degrees for Exciter 150

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Ohlins oil tank fork, Nitron F 360 degrees for Exciter 150

Exciter 150 owners have more new car toys to decorate their pet: Ohlins oil tank fork, Nitron F - active 360-degree rotating oil tank installed in many different positions. You can experience the product right below and don't forget to buy it now to make your car more attractive and beautiful!

Reference now: Genuine Ohlins fork with Exciter 150

In this article, you will be able to choose from 2 Ohlins or Nitron products with 2 distinct colors. For Ohlins F oil tank fork with outstanding yellow color attached to the car, it helps the car to have more highlights. For Nitron fork, the F oil tank rotates 360 degrees with a unique blue color for customers who love the difference.

However, with these two types of forks, one common feature is that the oil tank can be rotated 360 degrees. For the previous fork models, the fact that the oil tank could not rotate 360 ​​degrees made the installation unable to be actively placed in the desired positions. With this improvement in design, the product can be installed more actively in the locations that customers want. Not only that, this pair of Ohlins, Nitron F forks also installs standard zin for Exciter 150 , without making porridge but can still be installed.

The fork is placed in a beautiful and luxurious box, including a full range of accessories that can be installed on the Exciter 150. Customers who are far away can buy and install for their own car. Just remove the zin fork, install the newly purchased fork and install the oil tank fixed bracket to complete the installation stage. Simple and fast, or you can visit one of the 2 branches of Hoang Tri Racing Shop for installation support.

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Ohlins oil tank fork, Nitron F 360 degrees for Exciter 150

Ohlins oil tank fork, Nitron F 360 degrees for Exciter 150

Ohlins F fork with oil tank rotates 360 degrees

Ohlins F fork with oil tank rotates 360 degrees

Còn đây là phuộc bình dầu Nitron F xoay 360 độ

And here is the Nitron F oil tank fork that rotates 360 degrees

Trên tay màu sắc của phuộc mang tính đặc trưng

On hand, the color of the fork is characteristic

Bình dầu có thể xoay 360 độ

Oil tank can be rotated 360 degrees

Lò xo với màu sắc không đụng hàng, độc đáo

Springs with unique, unmatched colors

Trên tay phuộc bình dầu xoay 360 độ - Phuộc bình dầu Ohlins F

Oil tank fork rotates 360 degrees - Ohlins F . oil tank fork

Thêm một chiếc Exciter 150 tông xanh dương độ phuộc Nitron

Add a blue 150-tone Exciter with Nitron fork

Cận cảnh bình dầu phuộc Nitron với góc xoay 360

Close-up of Nitron fork oil tank with 360 . rotation

Màu sắc phuộc đặc trưng với màu xanh Nitron độc đáo

Unique fork color with unique Nitron blue

Toàn cảnh chiếc Exciter lên tem Samurai màu xanh và các phụ kiện khác

Overview of the Exciter on the blue Samurai stamp and other accessories

Cận cảnh phuộc bình dầu Nitron đã được lắp trên xe

Close-up of the Nitron oil tank fork that has been installed on the car

Bình dầu xoay 360 độ dễ dàng lắp đặt ở những vị trí khác nhau

The oil tank rotates 360 degrees for easy installation in different positions

Bình dầu màu bạc nổi bật trên xe

Outstanding silver oil tank on the car

Toàn cảnh chiếc Exciter 150 với nhiều phụ kiện độ kiện lắp đặt tại Hoàng Trí Shop

Overview of the Exciter 150 with many custom accessories installed at Hoang Tri Shop

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