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Original Sh300i exhaust system for PCX 2018

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Original Sh300i exhaust system for PCX 2018

If the SH 300i muffler mounted on the PCX 2018 has not satisfied you with the level of the SH 300i, will the SH 300i exhaust mounted on the PCX 2018 make you satisfied? Hoang Tri Shop has just arrived with a full PCX 2018 SH300i exhaust to help your pet be stylish, standard in design with the majestic and suitable SH 300i exhaust for your car. Experience the sounds and images below!

Cost saving:  Sh 300i muffler for PCX 2018

The SH 300i with PCX 2018 is not the exhaust of the SH 300i but this is a re-manufactured product line to bring a more suitable quality to your 2018 PCX. Although this is a re-manufactured exhaust line, Hoang Tri Shop ensures that the sound and appearance of the SH 300i exhaust mounted on the PCX 2018 is still the same as the SH 300i exhaust line on the car (you can experience it through the clip below). To install the  SH 300i exhaust with PCX 2018  you need to bring your pet to Hoang Tri Racing Shop so that we can customize the exhaust to match your PCX 2018. Above all, the material of the neck is made of stainless steel to bring durability and shine in all conditions.

For customers who are far away and cannot come to the shop, Hoang Tri Shop makes an appointment with customers to install other standard products for their pet cars so that they can install it themselves. Because the product has to be modified directly on the car, the purchase and installation needs to be highly specialized and guaranteed not to be returned when it cannot be installed.

With the muscular appearance of the PCX 2018 car with the pitiful , classy SH 300i exhaust , there is nothing like it. This is the duo that many PCX 2018 owners seek and wish to own. Hoang Tri Shop is in stock so you can come to the place, see it firsthand, and experience the product directly. If you are far away, you can refer to more pictures and videos below. Don't forget the address specializing in customizing motorcycle toys in District 8 and District 11 - Hoang Tri Racing Shop:

Address 1:  158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2:  586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Listen to the sound of Po Sh 300i for PCX 2018

The rear view of the SH 300i exhaust on the PCX 2018

The rear view of the SH 300i exhaust on the PCX 2018

Với các ốc kiểu càng làm nổi bật cây pô đẳng cấp này

With the screw style, highlight this high-class pot

Ngay cả khi còn nhỏ tít ở phía sau bạn cũng có thể thấy rõ

Even if you're so small in the back, you can see it clearly

Cận cảnh chi tiết sự hầm hố của pô SH 300i

Close-up details of the pit of the exhaust SH 300i

Với cây pô to tướng trông rất phù hợp với chiếc PCX 2018

With a big exhaust that looks very suitable for the PCX 2018

Xế cưng này đã trang bị pô SH 300i cho PCX 2018! Còn bạn thì sao?

This pet has equipped SH 300i exhaust for PCX 2018! How about you?

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