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Pair of Michelin 80/90 and 90/90-14 Cases for Airblade, Vision, Vario

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Pair of Michelin 80/90 and 90/90-14 covers for Airblade, Vision, Vario

Hey buddy! How long have you not changed the cover for your pet car? You should periodically check the tires to know the right time to change the tires to prevent slipping as well as unexpected problems! Hoang Tri Shop introduces you a pair of Michelin 80/90 - 90/90-14 covers for 3 models of Airblade, Vision, Vario to help your car look newer and more attractive.

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Lots of reasons for your tires to wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to find out when to change motorcycle tires to save as much as possible. In addition, finding a pair of shells that fit your pet without the need to change the wheels or change anything will save you quite a bit of money! The Michelin tire line is one of the first brands that users in Vietnam often mention and want to customize for their pet. Because of its certainty, durability and it's not just a motorcycle cover, it's a technology of researchers.

Specifications of Michelin case:

Brand: Michelin

Case Size: 80/90-14 and 90/90-14

Standard car models: Airblade, Vision, Vario

Necessary cases when replacing the cover:

- Damaged tires need to be replaced

- Already on the wheel and need a new pair of wheels to look more synchronized and fresh

- Decorate your car

With the Michelin brand, it will bring peace of mind when using. Whether it's sunny or rainy, Michelin tires still work well and stick to the road to ensure your safety. If you are looking to learn more about Michelin tires, you can visit one of the two Hoang Tri Shop branches for advice and installation for your pet.

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Close-up of Michelin City Grip PRO cases with Vision, Airblade and Vario . standards

Close-up of Michelin City Grip PRO cases with Vision, Airblade and Vario . standards

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