Piaggio Medley automatic rear footrest

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Piaggio Medley automatic rear footrest

The video has been released for a long time, but until now, Hoang Tri Racing Shop can introduce to you a product for the Piaggio Medley line full of utility, which is the product line that turns on the footrest automatically. Promises to bring a completely new experience on this car.

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With the buttons on the Piaggio Medley, you absolutely do not have to bend down to pull the rear footrest of the Piaggio Medley for the people behind. With the push of a button, the rear footrest pops out quickly. Very convenient and sophisticated, isn't it?

With an extremely economical cost, it is possible to immediately customize Piaggio Medley with a very modern and highly aesthetic motorcycle technology toy. You just need to bring the Piaggio Medley to Hoang Tri Racing Shop, Hoang Tri takes care of the rest. You can go to one of the two branches of Hoang Tri Racing Shop to immediately turn on the automatic footrest for Piaggio Medley .

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Touch-sensitive rear footrest
Suitable for those who do not want to drill a switch hole to lose the car's zin

Check out the video clip of the automatic footrest for Medley

With just one button, Piaggio Medley car becomes more modern

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