Positioning for Honda Sonic 150R

11/08/2017 66 đã xem

Positioning for Honda Sonic 150R is a new product line at Hoang Tri Racing Shop . With the outstanding feature of positioning, your car is no longer afraid of theft problems. 

With a compact design, it can be installed easily and safely for the vehicle. Positioning is made from high-quality materials to create durability for the product. On the product, there are 3 light buttons connected to high-performance circuits to protect your car.

Locate J611  with outstanding features such as:

- Has the function of locating, monitoring and protecting motorbikes.

- Locate and manage online routes through DragonFly software.

- Remote vehicle shutdown does not have to limit the distance.

- The map is fully updated throughout the territory of Vietnam.

- Live monitoring on your own SmartPhone.

- Easy to install without damaging the car's battery.

Please contact Hoang Tri Racing shop immediately if you are in need and need advice!

Positioning for Honda Sonic 150R

Close-up positioning for Honda Sonic 150R

locator for Honda Sonic 150R car with Hoang Tri brand sticker


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