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Powder coated NVX car protection frame

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Powder coated NVX car protection frame

Introducing to customers the powder coated NVX car protection frame. With modern paint technology, it provides a durable color against rust and solid quality. Has the function of protecting your pet's car against scratches when moving the car or accidentally having an accident. A very useful product at an attractive price point.

The NVX car armor is very expensive, so the protection of the car's armor is of great interest to many customers. In addition to gluing the car , you also find a solution is to install a powder-coated NVX car protection frame to make sure that your pet is completely protected from unfortunate collisions. Besides, to be sure more customers choose both solutions at the same time.

The NVX car protection frame is made of iron and is powder-coated for sure, the color is durable over the years. The protective frame of the NVX car is close to easy-to-scratch spots on the car such as the 2 sides, the mask, ... to help the car have a beautiful coat like new. In addition to the function of protecting the car's armor , the protective frame is also a decorative product for the car to help the car bring a new color, a new personality and more bunker than the classic version.

Please refer to and install the NVX car protection frame on your pet to experience a new style on your own.

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Phone: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

One more pet NVX driver replaces the black plastic frame with carbon paint with a protective frame

One more pet NVX driver replaces the black plastic frame with carbon paint with a protective frame

Bảo vệ dàn áo của xe hiệu quả hơn

Protect the car's armor more effectively

Xế cưng đã trang bị kèm theo bộ tem phản quang độc lạ

The car has been equipped with a unique set of reflective stamps

Thêm một xế cưng đến Hoàng Trí Racing Shop lắp đặt khung bảo vệ NVX

One more pet driver came to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to install the NVX protective frame

Bo sát phần thân của xe bảo vệ tuyệt đối khỏi các va chạm

Close to the body of the car to completely protect from collisions

Giúp cho dàn áo của xe hạn chế trầy xước tối đa

Helps to prevent the car's coat from being scratched

Xế cưng của bạn đã trang bị khung bảo vệ NVX sơn tỉnh điện chưa?

Has your pet been equipped with an electrostatically painted NVX protective frame?

Khung bảo vệ NVX đã được lắp đặt cho xế yêu

The NVX protective frame has been installed for the car

Bảo vệ từ dàn áo bên ngoài cho đến phần móc treo đồ

Protection from the outer frame to the hanger part

Xế cưng trông hầm hố và cá tính hơn

The car looks more aggressive and personality

Trông xe NVX như một chiến binh mặc giáp

The NVX looks like a warrior in armor

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