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R6 mask for R15 V3 . car

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R6 mask for R15 V3 . car

The Yamaha R6 was launched in Japan with its 20th anniversary. Many brothers who own the R15 V3 series want to own a car that is similar to the Yamaha R6. Therefore, Hoang Tri Shop has returned to R6 masks to serve those who have needs of Yamaha R6 shape. Experience new products immediately, makeover your pet right at Hoang Tri Shop.

Normal degree:  Wind vane degree R15 V3

R6 mask with R15 V3 is a brand new accessory for owners of R15 cars. The product brings the quality of your beloved Yamaha R6 to your R15! With 4 colors to choose from: black, matte black, red and blue g. No matter what color your car is, you can immediately choose 1 of the 4 colors above to match your pet's car. The special thing is that the R6 mask can also add accessories to upgrade to bring modern and unique to your pet such as:

- R6 mask L4 light: You can see that the R6 mask has a rather large gap in the lower part of the mask. So, in this position you can completely install an additional light like L4 or J1 lamp. This position is perfectly suitable for installing headlights for your pet!

- Decor stickers : In addition to the brightness of the lights on the mask, you can also add decals with your own personality such as logo stickers, name stickers, texture stickers to make your car more unique.

R6 mask mounted R15 V3 standard for vehicle. Customers who live far away can order online to install for their pet car. If you have come to the shop, don't forget to refer to other accessories on display at the shop to help your pet upgrade more beautiful and unique!

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On hand R6 mask mounted for R15 V3

On hand R6 mask mounted for R15 V3

On the picture is the R6 mask in matte black and glossy black

On the picture is the R6 mask in matte black and glossy black

Trên hình là mặt nạ R6 màu đỏ và xanh dương

On the picture is the red and blue R6 mask

Mặt nạ R6 dành cho xe R15 V3 có 4 màu sắc cho bạn lựa chọn

R6 mask for R15 V3 car has 4 colors for you to choose

Xế cưng R15 V3 độ mặt nạ R6 màu xanh dương

R15 V3 pet car with blue R6 mask

Khoảng trống bên dưới mặt nạ R6 có thể độ thêm đèn trợ sáng

The space below the R6 mask can add a light assist

Góc ngang trông xế cưng khá góc cạnh khi trang bị mặt nạ R6

The horizontal angle looks quite angular when equipped with an R6 mask

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