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Racing Boy V5 . brake lever

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Racing Boy V5 . brake lever

Following the winner of Racing Boy V8 is the V5 product line following its brother. Hoang Tri Racing Shop has a Racing Boy V5 handbrake available for you to have an alternative option if the V8 brake has not met your requirements. The handbrake is also made from CNC aluminum and the design change is the key for many brothers to choose this product! Consult and equip your pet right away!

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Racing Boy brand is trusted by motorcycle riders, not only that, this brand is also present in world races. With many years of experience in manufacturing motorcycle toys such as: Racing Boy wheels, Racing Boy gloves, Racing Boy folding,... this manufacturer can completely create quality products from the inside out. . The Racing Boy V5 handbrake is an attractive real-life example for those of you who are intending to customize your motorcycle's handbrake.

The Racing Boy V5 handbrake completely changes the appearance with the brake arm distance adjustment being redirected inward of the brake lever to make the handbrake look more seamless and neat. In addition, a different color of the brake distance adjustment button is also a highlight that attracts the attention of everyone around. In addition, at the position of the handbrake, the Racing Boy logo is imprinted and completely prominent, which can immediately identify the brand of the brake. With 5 colors to choose from:  Black, silver, blue, red and orange . If your car is any color, you can easily install it for your pet. The product can be installed for car models:  Ariblade, Vision 2014, Exciter generations, Winner 150, MSX,...

Small tip: Don't forget to install it with motorcycle-style gloves to make your car more synchronized and increase the attractiveness of your pet! Refer to products at Hoang Tri Racing Shop, you can fully experience the product here.

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Tay thắng Racing Boy V5 gọn gàng trên xe SYM Star

Racing Boy V5 handbrake neatly on SYM Star car

Cận cảnh tay thắng Racing Boy V5 (trái)

Close-up of Racing Boy V5 brake (left)

Cận cảnh tay thắng Racing Boy V5 (phải)

Close-up of Racing Boy V5 brake (right)

Toàn cảnh SYM Star đã thay thế cặp tay thắng Racing Boy V5

Overview SYM Star has replaced the pair of Racing Boy V5 . brakes

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