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Raider Fi triple screw, Satria - Titanium GR5 . screw

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Raider Fi triple screw, Satria - Titanium GR5 . screw

In addition to the Raider triple screw product currently sold in Titanium color, Hoang Tri Racing Shop also offers another Raider Fi - Satria triple screw model with high-quality Titanium GR5 material. You will fall in love at first sight!

Because the product is made from Titanium, the color is spread more beautifully than the product with Titanium. Therefore, this can be the product to meet all the beauty needs of customers when there is a need to replace the three snails for Raider or Satria . Even if you are a careful customer, looking at every detail, Titanium screws will satisfy you as soon as you see the product.

Whether you go for mechanical or Fi gasoline, this product is suitable. Quick and easy installation, suitable for customers who live far away to buy and install for their own cars. Products are currently available at Hoang Tri Shop . We invite you to come see and experience the product with your senses. You will like it right away!

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Raider Fi, Satria triple screw set - Titanium GR5 . screw

Raider Fi, Satria triple screw set - Titanium GR5 . screw

Màu sắc trải đều sản phẩm, dùng trang trí cho xe

The color is spread evenly, used to decorate the car

Mang đến điểm nổi bật cho xế cưng của bạn

Bring highlights to your pet

Dù xăng cơ hay xăng tự động sản phẩm đều phù hợp

Whether gasoline engine or automatic gasoline, the product is suitable

Ốc chảng ba titan gr5 trông thật hấp dẫn và thu hút

The gr5 titanium triple screw looks very attractive and attractive

Satria được trang bị ốc chảng ba màu Titan GR5

Satria is equipped with three-color titanium screws GR5

Là phụ kiện trang trí xe satria giúp xe có điểm nhấn

As a satria car decoration accessory to help the car have a highlight

Cận cảnh chi tiết Satria sau khi độ ốc chảng ba màu titan

Close-up details of Satria after titanium tricolor screws

Ốc chảng ba Sonic - Ốc Titan GR5 màu xanh lục bảo

Raider Triple Snail - Titanium GR5 Snail in emerald green

Sản phẩm đã được lắp đặt cho Raider làm cho xế cưng trở nên nổi bật hơn

The product has been installed on the Raider to make the car stand out more

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