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Rear baga extender SRV degree for ADV 150

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Rear baga extender SRV degree for ADV 150

The SRV rear extension bag with ADV 150 is made of powder-coated iron with a solid and durable black color that does not fade over time, the smoothness is beautiful and the hand feeling is soft. The SRV extension rear bag is mounted to replace the zin baga of the ADV 150, which is often used to mount the genuine givi rear trunk. Helps to make the givi box anti-vibration well - a new choice for backpackers.

For the new ADV 150 series, finding a suitable rear baga is not easy. However, the rear baga extension SRV can do that. With a specialized design, suitable for the ADV 150 series, after being mounted on the car, the rear part of the car seems to be longer and more unique. In particular, the SRV extension rear baga is an essential accessory for those who often go on long trips. Because after attaching the SRV extension bag, you can install an additional genuine givi box to have more space to store necessary items when traveling.

At an inexpensive, reasonable cost, it is easy to install for ADV 150. Durability, certainty and no vibration when installing the box. Why not get in your car right away?

Choose which genuine givi box is suitable for SRV baga:

Genuine givi boxes  at Hoang Tri Racing Shop have many types with different capacities. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the models available at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. SRV baga products  can fit all  genuine givi boxes,  so you just have to choose the right one for your needs.

Many customers choose the givi series B32N-ADV with many significant improvements. The kit includes: a hook net on the givi box lid, a genuine givi box with a capacity of 32 liters (with 2 chin arms available to attach the net hook), a soft cushion for the person sitting in the back. How about you? Which barrel model will you choose? All are available at  Hoang Tri Racing Shop - providing and distributing genuine Givi products. Come and experience the service today!

Địa chỉ 1: 158 -160 Hàn Hải Nguyên, Phường 8, Quận 11, TP.HCM

Địa chỉ 2: 586 Phạm Thế Hiển, Phường 4, Quận 8, TP.HCM

Điện thoại: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Enter multiple bags after extending SRV degrees for ADV 150

Nhập nhiều baga sau nối dài SRV độ cho ADV 150

Install it now to experience more useful features

Lắp ngay để trải nghiệm thêm nhiều tính năng hữu ích bạn nhé

Baga sau SRV trang bị xế cưng ADV 150

Xe chưa có biển số đã đến lắp những phụ kiện cần thiết

Employees are removing the rear bumper of ADV 150

Nhân viên đang tháo cản sau của xe ADV 150

Each side of the rear bumper is removed before attaching the rear baga SRV

Từng bên cản sau được tháo ra trước khi gắn baga sau SRV

Only a few steps left to complete the baga after SRV installed ADV 150

Chỉ còn vài bước đã hoàn thành baga sau SRV lắp ADV 150

The ADV 150 after installing the rear baga SRV

Chiếc ADV 150 sau khi lắp đặt baga sau SRV

Detail of the SRV rear baga has holes available to install the genuine givi box

Chi tiết baga sau SRV có những lỗ sẵn để lắp thùng givi chính hãng

Toàn cảnh chiếc ADV 150 sau khi lấy xe đến lắp baga SRV

Toàn cảnh chiếc ADV 150 sau khi lấy xe đến lắp baga SRV

ADV 150 đến Hoàng Trí lắp baga sau SRV

Chuẩn dáng và độc đáo khi trang bị baga sau SRV

Có thể gắn kèm theo thùng givi phía sau

Lại một chiếc ADV 150 khác lắp đặt baga SRV

Staff is installing baga after SRV on ADV 150

Finished baga after SRV

ADV 150 went to district 8 Hoang Tri branch to install baga after ADV

ADV 150 đến chi nhánh quận 8 Hoàng Trí lắp đặt baga sau ADV

Khách hàng đã mua về và tự lắp đặt cho xế cưng

Customers bought and installed it for their cars by themselves

Hình ảnh baga SRV do khách hàng cung cấp

SRV baga pictures provided by customers

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