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Rear bumper - Italian Sh style handlebars for Vision 2021 cars

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Rear bumper - Italian Sh style handlebars for Vision 2021 cars

Vision 2021 has just been released, but there are already many products for this car line. Rear bumper - Sh Y handlebar mounted Vision 2021 is a typical example. Products that are standard zin for Vision 2021 cars and do not need to be prepared can still be installed for this pet. Brothers who live far away can order now to equip their pet car!

Usually bought together:  Italian SH-style mask with Vision 2021

Many brothers who have just bought a Vision 2021 but do not like the old design before can refer to the rear bumper with the Italian Vision 2021 . The product does not need to cut plastic as well as drill holes to be able to install it for your pet. Therefore, customers who are far away can place an order right away, waiting to receive the goods and install it for their pet. For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, they can immediately visit one of the two branches of Hoang Tri Shop for support.

The process of installing the rear bumper - Italian SH handlebars for Vision 2021:

- Remove the zin bumper of the Vision 2021 car

- Equipped with SH Italian rear bumper for Vision 2021

- Tighten the screws and check before handing them over to the customer

- Available in 2 colors: black and carbon

For this product line, it will help your Vision 2021 have the shape of the Italian SH and perfectly match the car's shape. In addition, customers should buy it with an Italian SH-style mask with Vision 2021 to create a beautiful and unique duo for your pet.

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Vision 2021 độ cản sau - tay dắt kiểu sh ý

Vision 2021 rear bumper - sh style handle

Cản sau phù hợp với kiểu dáng của xe

The rear bumper matches the car's style

Nâng tầm đẳng cấp với phụ kiện kiểu SH Ý

Raise the bar with SH Italian accessories

Xế cưng còn trang bị thêm mặt nạ kiểu SH Ý

The car is also equipped with an Italian SH-style mask

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