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Rizoma aluminum handlebars

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Rizoma aluminum handlebars

Motorcycle handlebars, also known as motorcycle handlebars, are accessories that you can add other accessories here to complete the handlebars including parts: gloves, brakes, switch shackles, turn signals, hangers, rearview mirrors,... In addition, Rizoma aluminum handlebars also bring a new look to your pet. Try products at Hoang Tri Shop to get more accessories for your own bike!

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The Rizoma aluminum handlebar has a fairly simple design, but after equipping the car with full accessories, it is no longer so simple. The bend of the Rizoma aluminum handlebars is somewhat higher than that of the zin handlebars. Therefore, the sitting position will be more comfortable and straighter after equipping the Rizoma aluminum handlebars . In addition to the different design compared to the zin version, your pet car also has a different color than the original car. For example, the ADV 150 series, the zin handlebars of the white car are somewhat non-toned along with other accessories on the handlebars, so replacing the Rizoma aluminum handlebars is an option to help the driver more synchronized. .

In addition, the Rizoma aluminum handlebars are made from very sturdy and durable aluminum. Attached to many different car models, there are many colors you can choose to help match your pet's car as well as the style of your vehicle. Small tip: don't forget to add the Light V1 switch shackle to make your car more sparkling at night because the light of the handlebar shackles will attract many eyes and highlight your pet in the middle of the night. there! Come and experience many other accessories at Hoang Tri Racing Shop Shop, you will get the "horse" you like!

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Rizoma aluminum handlebars are installed on Honda MSX

Rizoma aluminum handlebars are installed on Honda MSX

Trông khác biệt hơn so với phiên bản nhà sản xuất

Looks different from the manufacturer version

Anh khách còn độ thêm cùm tay lái cho xe

The customer also added handlebar shackles for the car

Cùm nâng ghi đông bằng nhôm CNC màu đỏ giúp cho tay lái được nâng cao hơn

Red CNC aluminum handlebar lifting shackles make the handlebars more elevated

Đã hoàn thiện lắp đặt ghi đông Rizoma nhôm cho Honda MSX

Finished installation of Rizoma aluminum handlebars for Honda MSX

Bàn giao lại chiến mã cho khách với sự hài lòng tuyệt đối

Handing over the steed to the customer with absolute satisfaction

Trên tay ghi đông zin của xe ADV 150 - Trên xe ghi đông Rizoma đã được trang bị

On the handlebars zin of ADV 150 - On the handlebars of Rizoma have been equipped

Màu sắc tông sẹc tông với các phụ kiện xung quanh

Color tones with surrounding accessories

Gắn chuẩn zin cho dòng xe ADV 150 không cần chế cháo

Mount the standard zin for the ADV 150 series without making porridge

Đẹp mắt và lung linh hơn với cùm công tắc có đèn

More beautiful and sparkling with switch shackles with lights

Xế cưng sẽ trở nên thu hút hơn vào ban đêm

Your car will become more attractive at night

Ghi đông Rizoma được làm từ nhôm nên rất bền bỉ

Rizoma handlebars are made from aluminum, so they are very durable

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