SH 2012 car decoration _Stainless steel exhaust cover

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Sh 2012 stainless steel muffler cover 

Sh 2012 stainless steel muffler cover

Product code : HS_12 . 


Cladding bonnet cover is stainless steel featuring Clam decorated for the cover hood of the car SH 2012, to help increase the prominence and safer vehicle collision incidents.


Fixing the problem that the cheap stainless steel muffler was purchased by customers to decorate the old version of the Airblade, was published in online newspapers, and cut the hands and feet of children and adults in accidents. traffic . Because of that, it has partly affected businesses specializing in the production of decorative items for motorcycles.

And now you can rest assured when choosing this product for your car because it has been meticulously designed by wrapping the edge around the edges to form a protective border (See picture above) to help protect You are not injured when a collision occurs and when you wash your car, you also have complete peace of mind.


 Cover the stainless steel hood after mounting on the car.


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