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Sh 2012 car spare parts-Protect the rear oil hog

11/08/2017 148 đã xem

Protect the back oil pig

Protecting oil pigs after Sh 2012

Product code : HS_28 .


Because the manufacturer's design for the 2012 Sh model has two disc brakes, after equipping the anti-cutting pass (disc brake shackle) first, you also need to equip an additional pass to protect the oil pig behind the car because the Time will not give up any items in your vehicle that can be obtained while you are off guard.

Different from the design of the pass to protect the oil on the front wheel, but also very beautiful and safe after installing it on the car  . This car rear oil pig protection pass is very carefully designed and very beautiful, the gloss is standard, the welds are welded by Tig welding technology very finely to bring you a product that both protects property and decorates. for a nice car. There has been information that the SH 2012 car has lost the rear oil pig shackles, so now believe it or not, you must equip your car with a powerful assistant to protect the oil pig behind the car to avoid an unfortunate situation. with me because the time to steal oil pigs is very quick and easy for professional thieves.


Please see the picture after installing the following oil pig pass on the car.





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