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Sh 2012 decorative accessories_Capture tail lights

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Chrome plated tail lamp Sh 2012.

Chrome plated tail lamp Sh 2012.

Product code : HS_03 . 


The number plate tail lamp has a decorative feature to beautify the car, making your car more prominent at the rear of the car, there are 2 types for this decoration with stainless steel and plastic materials. The image in this article is a product made of plastic and coated with a chromium-plated layer on the surface of the product to give it a brighter shine than the stainless steel tail lamp shade.

In addition, there is also a stainless steel taillight cover 

 Stainless steel tail lights. Product code: HS_02

Price: 35,000VND/piece


Stainless steel tail lights are cheaper than Chrome tail lights, but they are not beautiful and shiny, so they are rarely chosen to be fitted to cars even though they are cheaper than Chrome tail lights . Currently, most customers often choose chrome-plated products to install on their cars because these accessories after being installed on the car are very beautiful and eye-catching.

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