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Sh 2012 decorative toy-Rizoma style gloves

11/08/2017 123 đã xem

The decorative toy for the 2012 Sh car that contributes to making it more prominent for those who are passionate about sports-style cars is a pair of Rizoma-style Gloves. Has decorative features and helps you feel comfortable when traveling on long distances. 


Gloves style 


The two humpback ends of the style gloves are designed with high-quality aluminum and painted in a very nice, trendy color scheme and have many colors for you to choose from when deciding to equip your car with accessories. The size of the style gloves is designed to be longer than the car's gloves, so when you look directly at the car, you will see that the car looks stronger, the driving posture will also be different than the zin gloves on the car.




Orange style gloves have been installed on the white Sh 2012 car.


Orange style gloves have been installed on the black Sh 2012


Price list of car decoration parts SH 2012


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