Sh mask latest model 2015 (version 6)

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The Sh VN mask has a slit-like design like the Italian SH has just released Version 6 with many new improvements to overcome the error of the version 5 mask model . A masterpiece that must be said is that after 2 years of dominating the hottest motorcycle toy market, many people are still interested and always update new designs to meet the car decoration needs of car toy manufacturers. machine . 


Sh VN mask made with the latest model of 2015 (Version 6) 


Please refer to the new improvements for the latest Sh mask model in 2015 (Version 6):



 The old version of the Sh mask has friction with the neck of the car as soon as it is attached to the car, you only need to bend the neck of the car back and forth to see scratches on the mask due to the design of the middle mask being a bit high. This latest version of Sh mask (ver 6) no longer suffers from such a condition thanks to its beveled design that curves down and is lowered by about 2cm.



A customer who installed the old version of the Sh mask decided to change the latest mask model at Shop Hoang Tri  


Matte black air vent mask for white Sh VN cars


White SH mask attached to white VN SH


Install black and white Italian SH masks for SH VN 2015 black 


There is an additional water shield to protect the rear electrical system


SH VN installs a mask with a red reflective stamp


Red reflective stamp stands out in the night


SH 2015 mask is gray to SH VN is gray

SH 2015 masks are red on SH VN red

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