Sirius Fi Decoration Parts-Headlight Cover

11/08/2017 53 đã xem

Headlight cover  is a new product for Sirius Fi version that decorates and protects your car's lights from collisions, scratches the car's lights, and makes the front of the car more prominent.


Sirius Fi . headlight cover

Product code : SR-20 .


Designed to hug the car's lights and be installed on the car very firmly thanks to the double-sided adhesive layer, it makes the product very beautiful after being installed on the car and you will also feel more secure because you do not worry about the product falling out. whether you are driving at high speed or someone intentionally removed the headlight cover from your vehicle.


Sirius Fi headlight cover after being installed on the car.


Price list of stainless steel parts for Sirius car decoration

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