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Sirius-Baga plastic car parts

11/08/2017 141 đã xem

Baga plastic accessories for Sirius cars are very interested by owners of this car line and equipped for their beloved drivers because of its aesthetics, it looks like a car accessory.


Sirius plastic baga

Sirius plastic baga

Product code: SR-02 


There you have inserted baga stainless steel for the car after catching the other cars on the road or public place fitting baga plastic beautiful too, immediately change Baga plastic for their cars because of aesthetics and after the car the look with It seems to match the color of the black plastic frame on the car, which is designed in black to coincide with the black color of the plastic baga. This product is very suitable for those of you who rarely carry items, and for those of you who use a car to transport goods often, you will definitely choose a stainless steel baga.

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