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Sonic car light on and off switch

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Sonic car light on and off switch

Like other Honda vehicles, Sonic is equipped with a DRL (Daytime Running Light) light and does not have a switch to be able to actively turn it on and off when needed. Although this is a safer feature when on the road, but for the Vietnamese market it is a thing that makes many people feel very upset, so most of them turn off the Sonic light switch as soon as they receive the car. You can go to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to support the Sonic car light switch.

Maybe you don't know?

Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) is a light that emits yellow/white/amber light, automatically turns on when the engine is started, to enhance the awareness of pedestrians facing the vehicle in daylight conditions.

The DRL can be a separate lamp, low beam (lower beam) or high beam (headlight)/turn signal/fog light reduced in intensity. However, the current trend is to use low-energy DRLs such as LED lights to ensure emission standards for vehicles.

DRL was originally a mandatory requirement of vehicles in Scandinavian countries, where winters are quite dark even during the day. Currently, DRL is a mandatory requirement/standard equipment of vehicles in many advanced countries such as in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea or Australia.

In the European Union (EU), vehicles, including buses and trucks, are required to be equipped with DRLs from August 2012.

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How to turn off Sonic car lights?

- Unlike other cars, Sonic is a bare handlebar and does not need to cut plastic as well as make a hat to install the Sonic car light switch . Products are installed with 100% zin standard and do not need to make porridge at all. The switch is installed at the Sonic handlebar position to the right (you can request to change the position during the installation process.). With just a compact button installed in a convenient location, you can actively turn on and off the Sonic headlights when not in use.

- Turning off Sonic headlights requires direct wiring to the vehicle, so you cannot order this product online. Customers in Ho Chi Minh City, please visit one of the two branches of Hoang Tri Racing Shop to install the Sonic headlights on/off utility . After installing the Sonic headlights off switch you will no longer be "reminded" that the headlights need to be turned off in the morning. Saving energy on the battery and increasing the life of Sonic's headlights saves you some extra costs.

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Note: the product is only made in the shop

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Compact switch for convenient installation of Sonic headlights

Compact switch for convenient installation of Sonic headlights

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