Sonic exhaust

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Honda Sonic

A few details about the Honda Sonic driver:

The 2017 Honda Sonic 150R motorcycle model is a small-sized clutch that is considered a lovely driver for young people and marks the return of the street bike that used to be loved by many Bikers. The car is still equipped with stylish small wheels and is equipped with electronic fuel injection for maximum fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

With a low height, people of modest height can still ride this lovely car smoothly without fear of being oversized, very neat and easy to run.

With the same 6-speed gearbox as the Raider, Sonic's fuel consumption is 45.4km / liter (according to the manufacturer's data). The car is equipped with an electronic clock with all parameters from the fuel needle, the km meter, the number of kilometers run, ... Most are no different from their brothers.

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Sonic exhaust for powerful sound:

With Sonic's exhaust, not very impressed with a driver who loves clutches. So the Sonic tuning is the need of the Biker brothers who are passionate about the speed and sound of these clutches.

A new exhaust Sonic ensures the following elements:

+ Excellent sound, powerful

+ Beautiful and special appearance must stand out

+ Made of durable materials with high rust resistance because the car has to face rain and wading.

The R9 exhaust is customized for Sonic 150R to suit your body

Price: 2,700,000 VND

The R9 exhaust from the back of the Sonic 150R is quite compact and neat, but the sound is quite good

Close-up of the R9 exhaust on Sonic - very suitable for her figure.

The AHM exhaust is also appreciated for its beautiful titanium color that surrounds all eyes

Price: 7,500,000 VND


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