Spider wheel Airblade 2011

11/08/2017 66 đã xem

With the extensive experience of the staff at Hoang Tri Racing Shop , the hottest motorcycle rims have now been fitted to the 2011 Airbalde. The kuni wheel for the 2011 Airbalde is also available in a full range of colors to make it easy for you. Easily choose the right color for your car.

In particular, you do not need to make porridge at all. With simple and quick operations, the Kuni rims have been assembled for you. With diverse colors, beautiful and luxurious designs - Kuni tray is the top choice today!!

Airbalde 2011 airbalde platter 1

Kuni front wheel for airbalde 2011

(The above price applies to change the zin wheel)

Kuni tray for airbalde 2011 2

Kuni front wheel for airbalde 2011

Airbalde 2011 airbalde platter 3

Kuni wheels combined with airbalde mufflers


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