Stainless steel spare parts for Sirius- Past cars to protect oil pigs

11/08/2017 16 đã xem

Past protects the oil pig Sirius

Product code: SR-03


It doesn't take long to steal the front disc brake shackles (also known as the oil pig). In less than 30 seconds, the oil pig in your car has disappeared with the thief.

Taking advantage of your loopholes when leaving your car in a public place, out of sight, the crooks will steal the oil from your car with light, quick and not too difficult operations for the crooks.

The crooks will first use the 12 key to remove the 2 screws that attach the oil pig to the car (arrows 1 and 2), then use pliers to cut the brake wire (arrow 3) and finally quickly remove it. from the scene with the spoils. The price of this oil pig when you go out to buy it back is about 500,000 -1,000,000 VND depending on the type of car, excluding the installation fee to return to normal. But if you lose it, it's natural to buy it back. It's important that if you don't know that your car has lost its oil, women often don't notice this and just jump in the car carefree. When coming to intersections or crowded places, in case of losing brakes when the car can no longer brake, it is very dangerous.

So in order not to happen the above unexpected cases, you should equip your car with this stainless steel oil pig protection bowl to protect your vehicle's assets and avoid dangerous situations when storing. traffic on the road.

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