Stamping reflective wheels CB650R

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Stamping reflective wheels CB650R

One more option to decorate the car for the brothers who own the CB650R series is the CB650R reflective wheel stamping to create a highlight all day and night. For the morning, the color of the stamp will create a highlight to attract everyone's attention. For the evening, the stamps of the tray will reflect to bring out the highlights at night. Immediately paste the CB650R reflective wheel stamp to enjoy walking around!

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Is it difficult to stamp CB650R reflective wheels?

For stamping reflective wheels in general and in particular the CB650R series in particular. If it's difficult, it's not really, just watch carefully before removing the glue and gluing it to the car, you will have a pair of beautiful wheels with a unique set of stamps. However, it is necessary to note the curve on the tray - this position you need to be careful and slowly pull firmly to avoid extrusion of unsightly glue.

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The interesting thing about the CB650R wheel decal sticker is that the reflective feature of the material makes the stamp more prominent at night when the light shines on the wheel. It looks exactly like your car, equipped with bright LED lights that are very attractive. Products decal stickers reflective CB650R wheels have many colors for you spoiled for choice to fit your car. Customers can refer to more pictures below to have a better overview of the product. If you like a model, you can save the image and go to one of the 2 Hoang Tri Shop branches to paste it right away for your pet!

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Employees are constructing reflective decals for CB650R

Employees are constructing reflective decals for CB650R

Anh khách lựa chọn màu đỏ để tạo nên sự nổi bật cho xe

The customer chose red to make the car stand out

Góc cận cảnh tem đã được dán hoàn thiện trên xe CB650R

Close-up angle of stamps that have been pasted on CB650R

Màu đỏ thu hút trên xe mang đến sự chú ý của nhiều người

The attractive red color on the car brings many people's attention

Đang chụp với chế độ flash có ánh sáng giúp cho phần phản quang nổi bật hơn

Shooting in flash mode with light that makes the reflections stand out

Màu sắc, họa tiết quý khách hàng có thể thay đổi theo sở thích

Colors and textures you can change according to your preferences

Góc cận cảnh mâm trước đã được dán decal phản quang bánh mâm trên xe CB650R

Close-up angle of the front wheel has been pasted with reflective decals on the CB650R

Nổi bật khi có ánh đèn chiếu vào decal của bánh mâm trang bị cho xe

Stand out when the light shines on the decal of the wheels fitted to the car

Toàn cảnh chiếc CB650R đã được dán decal phản quang bánh mâm

The whole scene of the CB650R has been pasted with reflective decals on the wheels

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