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Suzuki GSX 150 . Windshield

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Suzuki GSX 150 . Windshield

Windshield is an accessory that many backpackers often choose for their pet. Because many applications from the windshield help the riders safer and especially look more beautiful. So where is the necessary GSX 150 windshield line? Check out the article below, you will definitely buy your car right away.

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Hoang Tri Racing Shop introduces you to those who are in need of a windshield for GSX cars, an extremely smooth windshield with flexible plastic material that can withstand strong impacts and is durable. Appreciating good wind-surfing when running at high speed provides the perfect speed experience for you with this accessory.

The product is standardly installed for the Suzuki GSX 150 series, so even if you don't know anything about technology, you can still install it for your pet easily. You just need to remove the GSX zin windshield on the car and take the newly purchased windshield and install it and tighten it with screws to complete the installation process for your pet.

Hoang Tri Racing Shop also has many GSX 150 car toys to Hoang Tri to experience many other services and products.

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Close-up of Suzuki GSX 150 . windshield

Close-up of Suzuki GSX 150 . windshield

Sản phẩm kính chắn gió Suzuki GSX 150 được kiểm chứng thực tế

Actual verified Suzuki GSX 150 windshield product

Thêm một chiếc GSC màu đen đến lắp kính chắn gió

Add a black GSC to the windshield

Kính chắn gió độc đáo và lắp chuẩn không chế cháo

Unique windshield and standard installation without making porridge

Góc trực diện xế cưng GSX sau khi độ kính chắn gió

Direct angle of the GSX pet driver after the windshield

Sản phẩm sau khi lắp đặt trên xe GSX 150

Product after installation on GSX 150

Cùng với các ốc vít kiểu giúp cho xế cưng bạn trông đẹp hơn

With stylish screws to make your car look more beautiful

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