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Suzuki GSX muffler - 2 piece R8 muffler

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Suzuki GSX muffler - 2 piece R8 muffler

R8 famous exhaust brand is trusted by many brothers due to its variety of models and excellent quality. Introducing the model of the muffler made by R8 for GSX cars - Suzuki GSX muffler - The 2-piece R8 muffler makes it easier for you to customize the exhaust without having to re-engineer the car's stock. Equip your pet driver immediately when there is a need to customize your motorcycle's exhaust!

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The material of the R8 neckline - the 2-piece R8 muffler is made of solid 304 stainless steel, anti-rust and always shiny attractive and beautiful. Processing with modern machines brings sharpness to even the smallest detail. The size of the neck is suitable for most of the exhaust lines with the cans used in Vietnam. The product is attached to the Suzuki GSX series, not modified to fit the vehicle. Make sure there is no plastic or other details on the car.

The interesting thing about this muffler is that it has a 2-piece design to make installation easier, customers can buy it and install it themselves at home. If you don't have a muffler, come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop so we can help you do it. If you live far away, you can go to the car repair shop near your home for support. Don't forget to see more motorcycle exhausts to choose the right motorcycle exhaust for your pet! With the aggressive appearance of the GSX, with the addition of a powerful muffler, your pet will attract many people's attention. Come and experience right away the 2-piece R8 neckline - Suzuki GSX stainless steel muffler at Hoang Tri Racing Shop.

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Close-up of Suzuki GSX neckline details - 2-piece R8 neckline

Close-up of Suzuki GSX neckline details - 2-piece R8 neckline

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