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Synthetic gloves with integrated LED lights

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Synthetic gloves with integrated LED lights

If you are a professional Biker or you buy a car to facilitate your travel needs, it is definitely necessary to beautify your car or maintain it. The steering wheel is a necessary position for you to decorate this part. Because this is where you come into contact every time you get in the car. With an ordinary glove, the decoration is beautiful enough. However, with a glove with sparkling LED lights , what do you think?

This is a product to help your car beautify absolutely with a full range of colors for you to choose to match your pet's car. Help the car always look beautiful, stand out at night. This is also one of the motorcycle toys not to be missed when you decide to beautify your motorcycle.

The motorcycle hunchback led gloves are designed with 2 colors and you can completely buy and install them yourself. Of course, the installation is completely easy. If you have problems installingled motorcycle gloves, you can call the hotline: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25 so that we can support you remotely.

Video clip PCX 2018 installs led hunchback gloves for the car

Bay tay gù led với màu đỏ của đèn và màu sắc đỏ đen đã được chọn

Fly led humpback with the red color of the lamp and the color red and black selected

Màu sắc tông sẹc tông giúp xe hợp thời trang hơn

Toned color makes the car more fashionable

Với đèn led màu đỏ chắc chắn bạn sẽ nổi bật khi đi đêm

With red led lights, you will definitely stand out at night

Chọn ngay một mẫu dành cho mình để xế cưng luôn là tâm điểm

Choose a model for yourself so that your car is always the focus

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