Titanium exhaust for Exciter 150

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Titanium exhaust for Exciter 150

You have a muffler with a powerful sound and a powerful looking design. But using the car's zin neck? You are looking for a really cool and beautiful exhaust instead of the car's zin neck to better match your high-class exhaust. Introducing to you the Titanium exhaust with Exciter 150. Come and experience the product right away at Hoang Tri Racing Shop!

What is the function of the steamer?

The common steam bulb is made from 304 stainless steel to bring the durability of stainless steel and due to the use of 304 stainless steel material, the product is completely anti-rust, even if you go in the rain or leave it in the sun, the pot will still keep its original condition. head, sparkling like when bought new.

The steam bulb is effective when there are filters and baffles inside to keep the pressure stability in the muffler even and stable when returning to the gas or increasing the throttle suddenly. The steam bulb retains 30% of the pressure and only pushes out 70% of the steam out, helping to ensure the stability and sound of the exhaust every time you hiss or release the gas suddenly. Hoang Tri Racing Shop  advises  on the same muffler with the air bulb  so that the exhaust can bring into play its full effect to help the car get a better sound, the sound is not as discrete as the large displacement vehicles.

Unique and attractive Titanium exhaust.

Titanium exhaust  is made from Titanium material and with this material you are completely assured when using it because it will not be as rusty as the manufacturer's zin necks and will not fade after a long time of use. More specifically, when you go long distances with a lot of working time of machines and you can see that the neck of the muffler changes color and brings a new color to the product. I'm sure you will love and watch it. The product can be installed for the Exciter 150 series. Standard installation and no porridge, quick installation.

In addition, when you choose Titanium exhaust, there will be 2 options for you:

- Cổ pô chưa có màu: Sau thời gian sử dụng cổ pô sẽ chuyển qua nhiều màu sắc và đạt đến màu sắc ổn định của Titanium thì cổ pô sẽ ngừng chuyển màu. Dành cho anh em yêu thích sự chuyển đổi màu sắc đặc trưng của cổ pô titanium.

- Cổ pô đã được khè và lên màu sẵn: Sản phẩm đã lên màu sẵn và không lên màu nữa. Dành cho anh em yêu thích màu sắc cuối cùng của cổ pô titanium.

Bạn có thể trải nghiệm sản phẩm thực tế tại 1 trong 2 chi nhánh của Hoàng Trí Racing Shop:

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Điện thoại: 0909 4747 13 – 0909 5030 25

The titanium muffler has been colored up

Cổ pô titanium bầu hơi đã được lên màu

The product is equipped with an air bulb to help stabilize the sound of the car

Sản phẩm có trang bị bầu hơi giúp xế cưng ổn định âm thanh

Do not lose your breath when you get off the gas suddenly

Do not lose your breath when you get off the gas suddenly

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