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Toys Fz150i - Chemco Wheels

11/08/2017 244 đã xem

Genuine Indonesian Chemco Fz150i wheels (rims) are popular with many bikers . The product has a beautifully stylized 10-wing design, mounted on a biker-quality tank. Toys manufactured by modern technology are durable, shiny, easily and quickly assembled, without any further preparation.

Mam Chemco Fz150i

Pair of genuine Indo Chemco wheels in red - black

Mam Chemco Fz150i

Image of Chemco rims before and after mounting Fz150i

Mam Chemco Fz150i

Rear Chemco wheel

Mam Chemco Fz150i

Chemco wheels increase Fz150i more class


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