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Wave Alpha 2017 car glue

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Wave Alpha 2017 car glue

Wave alpha 2017 is Honda's flagship in the popular segment and went on sale in January 2017. With a reformed spectrum design, the 2017 Honda Wave Alpha will be hunted like previous Wave lines.

Those who own Wave alpha 2017 cars that have been used for a long time but are still new, please come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to apply wave alpha 2017 car stickers to make your car always as new as the first day you bought it.

If your car has deep scratches and scratches in the paint, you can apply the wave alpha 2017 stamp to cover defects and change its appearance to always be as beautiful and luxurious as the first days.

The glue at Hoang Tri Racing Shop is imported and protected 3 times by the shop compared to other thin floating glues on the market and does not guarantee the safety of your beloved car.

Gluing Wave Alpha 2017 right at Hoang Tri Racing Shop, you will enjoy a long-term 12-month warranty for peace of mind on all roads.

Call 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25 if you need more advice on motorcycle toys. See the image of Wave alpha 2017 after gluing the car at Hoang Tri Racing Shop.

Note: The above prices only apply to glossy glue materials. Sanding please contact for more details. In addition, there will be an additional glue removal fee if your car has been previously glued.

Wave Alpha 2017 in white is being glued to the car at Hoang Tri Shop

Hoang Tri Racing Shop staff are meticulous in every curve of the car

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