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Wave RSX Fi 2019 headlight off switch - Touch switch

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Wave RSX Fi 2019 headlight off switch - Touch switch

For new models, Honda seems to want its motorcycles to be ahead of their time as well as to integrate into regional countries by having the headlights always on and no switch to actively turn off. Open when not in use. This is similar on the Wave RSX Fi 2019, the Wave headlight off switch is the current solution for motorbikes in Vietnam.

The newly purchased pet car wants to turn the headlight off switch to have to cut plastic to install the switch. This is not possible for many people, because when a new car is scratched, it will still hurt, don't say anything but cut the plastic. Therefore, in order to please customers with a touch switch without cutting plastic, the headlights can still be turned on and off easily by touching the installation position of the Wave RSX 2019 headlights .

You just need to lightly touch the switch position for 3 seconds to turn on or off the Wave RSX 2019 headlights . To make it more convenient for customers to use the headlights easily, Hoang Tri Racing Shop only installs a touch switch with the form of a cos light on the car. When turning on the headlights on the car, the lights automatically turn on without the need for an on-off switch. This helps customers to use if there is a problem on the sensor, they can still turn on and off the light easily.

If you do not want to, you can still install it according to the principle of the on-off switch on the car. Don't forget to take your pet to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to glue the car to protect it while installing the Wave RSX 2019 headlight off touch switch .

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