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Winner 2 tier saddle

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Winner 2 tier saddle

Winner X car toys are getting everyone's attention, and especially the unique types that are of interest to many brothers. With the Winner X 2-tier saddle product, it is expected to be a sold-out product at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. Because the previous Winner car line, this product was also very popular and had to be imported continuously. Hurry up and get on the Winner X 2-storey saddle for your pet driver.

Winner X 2-storey saddle is designed similar to the previous version. With the rear saddle is divided between the front and rear saddles clearly for a comfortable sitting position that does not slip forward like other saddles. The sporty design, when mounted on the Winner X, looks attractive and quite stimulating, making it a point to attract everyone's eyes.

Winner X 2-tier saddle product has 2 colors: red and black and full black . If you play cars in a simple style, then the black 2-tier saddle is right for you. And if you want the car to stand out more, maybe red and black is the color you need.

In addition to the winner x 2-tier saddle, you can add other winner x car toys to help the car become more beautiful and unique. Dishes toy car Winner X is currently available in Hoang Tri Racing Shop with more than 100 dishes that you can choose a set of items for their own impression. Contact Hoang Tri Racing Shop now!

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Winner's 2-story saddle video

The 2-tier saddle has 2 colors for you to choose from

The 2-tier saddle has 2 colors for you to choose from

Winner X với yên 2 tầng được may chỉ đỏ thật cuốn hút

Winner X with a 2-tiered saddle sewn with red thread is very attractive

Kiểu dáng phân làm 2 tầng cho người ngồi sau rõ ràng

The design is divided into 2 floors for the people behind

Rất tiện lợi cho người ngồi sau không gây tuột yên

Very convenient for the person sitting in the back without causing the saddle to slip

Anh khách còn gắn thêm thùng givi có đệm giúp cho người ngồi sau thoải mái hơn

The customer also attached a padded givi box to make the back seat more comfortable

Chiếc Winner X với bộ tem hầm hố cùng kết hợp với yên 2 tầng Winner X

Winner X with a set of bunker stamps combined with a Winner X 2 tier saddle

Thêm một xế cưng đến lắp yên 2 tầng Winner X

One more pet driver came to install Winner X's 2-storey saddle

Yên 2 tầng màu đen đơn giản nhưng nổi bật bởi kiểu dáng

Black 2-tier saddle is simple but outstanding by its design

Toàn cảnh xế cưng Winner X lắp yên 2 tầng

Panorama of Winner X's pet driver with 2-storey saddle

Yên 2 tầng màu đỏ đen đã được lắp cho Winner X

Red and black 2-tiered saddle has been installed for Winner X

Màu sắc tông sẹc tông với màu của xe

Color tones tone with the color of the car

Ngoài ra xe còn lên cặp mâm Rapido màu vàng

In addition, the car also has a pair of yellow Rapido wheels

Còn đây là yên 2 tầng winner X màu đen đã được lắp cho xe

And here is the black winner X 2 tier saddle that was installed on the car

Thêm vào đó là cản sau CNC đã được thay đổi

In addition, the CNC rear bumper has been changed

Toàn cảnh xế cưng Winner X lên yên 2 tầng màu đen và một số món đồ chơi xe Winner X

Overview of Winner X's pet driver on a black 2-storey saddle and some Winner X car toys

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