Winner mask bird

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Winner mask bird - Decoration to create accents

+ Does your car stand out from your friends?

+ Need something to differentiate and help the driver stand out?

Hoang Tri Racing Shop presents to you an extremely charming and outstanding toy just what you need. Mask bird wings for Winner 150 - Another toy with the color of the car's zin mask to help the car stand out in the front part.

In addition, this toy has a striped design that adds attention and is very eye-catching.

Let's take a look at the winner mask bird on the car:

Winner 150 mask bird wings stand out on the car

Winner 150 mask bird wings stand out on the car

Cận cảnh cánh chim mặt nạ - tăng thêm vể đẹp và nổi bật hơn cho xế

Close-up of mask bird wings - add beauty and stand out more for the driver

Màu đen và bạc kết hợp màu đỏ của xế yêu tạo nên cá tính mạnh mẽ
Black and silver combined with the red color of the car creates a strong personality

Cánh chim mặt nạ xanh đẹp mắt và nổi bật

Beautiful and outstanding blue mask bird

Cánh chim mặt nạ Winner màu cam đen

Winner mask bird in orange and black

Khi đã gắn lên xe - đẳng cấp khác với ban đầu

Once mounted on the car - the level is different from the original

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