X-Light M.30 . Mini Led Ball Assist Light

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X-Light M.30 . Mini Led Ball Assist Light

Lighting is an indispensable accessory for those of you who often go on a road trip as well as have to work in the province at night. Hoang Tri Shop picks up stamps for the X-Light M.30 mini LED ball light to serve those who need to upgrade the light for their pet. Compact and super bright are the first advantages of this LED X-Light!

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Unlike other light-assisted lights, the X-Light M.30 mini LED ball-assisted light is better in addition to the light than the car's zin lamp. Lighting LED X-Light with spreading light and not dazzling opposite. It is both bright and helps you participate in traffic to ensure the safety of those around you. The body of the X-Light M.30 mini LED ball light is designed with a beautiful and sturdy aluminum shell. The super bright X-Light is resistant to light impacts and is more durable than products made with plastic bodies. Especially the compact size of the lamp can be installed in different locations without taking up too much space. The light is also IP68 water resistanthelp you go to the rain still not afraid of being affected or short circuit of the lights. With a capacity of 30W, it gives outstanding light and satisfies your lighting needs when going at night. The light has 2 brightness modes: white (phase) and yellow (cos) so you can adjust the appropriate light when traveling.

Product box includes:

- 2 X-Light mini M.30 . lights

- 2 sets of circuits (Driver)

- Snails and spatula included

You can refer to more pictures as well as test video of the X-Light M.30 mini LED ball light to have a better overview of the product. Don't forget to go to the night, attach the X-Light to have the light at hand. With the golden light to break the fog, do not hesitate to travel to Da Lat to have interesting experiences. Come and always 1 of 2 branches of Hoang Tri Shop for consulting and installation support.

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Full box LED mini X-Light M.30

Full box LED mini X-Light M.30

Full box includes 2 lights and 2 circuits

Full box includes 2 lights and 2 circuits

Trên tay đèn X-Light M.30 với thân nhôm trông rất sang trọng

On hand, the X-Light M.30 lamp with aluminum body looks very luxurious

Giắc cắm được thiết kế chuẩn cho nhiều dòng xe

The jack is designed for many car models

Góc trực diện với LED siêu to, siêu sáng, nhỏ gọn

Direct angle with super big, super bright, compact LED

ADV 150 lên 2 quả bi LED mini X-Light M30

ADV 150 up 2 mini LED balls X-Light M30

Ánh sáng trắng đèn pha được bật trên ADV 150

Headlight white light is on on ADV 150

Còn đây là chế độ cos với ánh sáng vàng phá sương

And here is the cos mode with dew-dropping yellow light

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